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Ticino 2013

New in 2013; Air Turquoise and Alain Zoller offer a different adventure, full of wealth and discovery. Monte Generoso in Ticino

In addition to discovering another flying place, we'll integrate one day in the simulator G-Force Trainer in Malans.

In our point of view the G-Force trainer is one of essential a step for all pilots who wish to improve their skill. The goal is not to make a competition to withstand the most G's between pilots, but to discovery the sensation caused by a deep spiral or autorotation.

The program:
    - Simulator G-Force Trainer
    - Implementation and adjusting the rescue in accordance to the harness
    - Program SIV over two days, in Ticino

Group of minimum 8 and maximum 12 pilots. (Relative welcome)

This program is aimed to student/pilots who have more than 15 flights and who wants to improve their confidence in the air and with the equipment.

Transport are made individually to Malans and Ticino and at your own responsibility, common transports are highly encouraged. For those who travel by public transport, please inform us for organizational reasons.

The cost of the course include:
    Simulator G-Force Trainer
    SIV, train to Monte Generoso
    Housing (tent, not supplied, in camping for two nights) with breakfast and lunch

Are not included:
    Transport sites (Villeneuve - Malans - Capolago - Villeneuve)
    Evening meals

In case of bad weather, we'll discuss case by case about the following procedure. The calendar is relatively busy, but we can move or postpone for one day before the SIV course is cancelled. The service provided will be paid in accordance to the price list.

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