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Booking and Cancellation

During booking
•    To validate the registration and participation of the SIV course we ask you to pay a deposit of Chf. 350.00.  You will receive payment details by email.
•    Registration of SIV course here

Cancellation from your side
•    Cancellation more than 30 days before the SIV course starts, we'll keep Chf 50.00 from the deposit for the organisation expenses. The rest of the deposit will be refunded.
•    Cancellation less than 30 before the SIV course, we will keep total amount of the deposit.

Cancellation from Air Turquoise side
•    In case of cancellation due to weather before the SIV course starts, no amount will be refunded.  In this case, we will suggest you a later date.

During the SIV course
•    If the course is interrupted, primarily because of the weather, the service will be charged in proportion of the flights which are done. For example if only 2 flights was done, you pay for 2 flights only.
•    If we cannot fly at all:  no settlement will be charged and the deposit refunded.

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